It's a Band

Song Author Download Stream Date Song Sheet/Track
A Day in the Life Beatles
Air Treasure David Narum
All Along the Watchtower Everyone
Bertha Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter
Big River Johnny Cash
Black and Blue Bill Porch
Black Magic Woman Peter Green
Can't Hardly Wait Paul Westerberg
Confusion Fog Curt Kirkwood Download
Cortez the Killer Neil Young
Dancing Angels Fly Bill Porch Download
Down by the River Neil Young
Down to Seed and Stems Again Blues Commander Cody
First We Take Manhattan Leonard Cohen
For What It's Worth Stephen Stills 04/07/17 revised Download
The Fix is in Bill Porch
The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night Traditional
Frankenstein Gary Burgess Download
Gomorrah Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter
Guilty Randy Newman
Hi-Heel Sneakers Tommy Tucker
Hoodoo Bash Peter Stampfel
I Do Like We Do Jim McCormick
Ignorance or Apathy Lee Huntington
I know You Rider Traditional
It's All Over Now Bob Dylan
Jump the Pew David Narum
Kid on a Leash David Narum 03/15/17 Download
Lark David Narum Download
Light Up or Leave Me Alone Noodle Theory Download 01/24/17 Disk-2/Track-7
Like a Hurricane Neil Young
Jam into Hurricane Noodle Theory Download 01/24/17 Disk-2/Track-1
Long Time Download
Mississippi Half Step Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter
Music Smile David Narum
One Eyed Dog Steve Wynn and Bryan Harvey
Powderfinger Neil Young
Quiet Car David Narum 03/15/17 Download
The Revenant Michael Hurley
Ridgeback David Narum
RoadHouse Blues Jim Morrison
Shades of Bone David Narum
Skin the Night David Narum
Sky Lark David Narum
Someday David Lowery
Somewhere in Between David Lowery Download
So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star Jim McGuinn and Chris Hillman 04/07/17 Download
Steppin Stone 04/07/17 Download
Tamp It Down Noodle Theory Download 01/24/17 Disk-2/Track-1
The Fix Is In Bill Porch 04/07/17 Download
Tomorrow Never Knows John Lennon
Too Much to Dream Annete Tucker and Nancie Mantz
Waiting for Words David Narum
When I Win the Lottery David Lowery
When I Paint My Masterpiece Bob Dylan
Wild Man From Borneo Kinky Friedman
Willin' Lowell George
You Ain't Going Nowhere Bob Dylan
You're Still On My Mind Luke McDaniel

Song Lists

Set Lists Author Download Date
Triangle List Bill Atkins SETS APRIL 2017 03/25/2017
Noodle Theory Song Database Noodle Theory Song Database 03/20/2017